About this blog

Who’s behind the blog

kaneel, a bedroom musician, freshly turned family guy, demoscene passivist, inhabitant of the planet of the leather moomins.
I’m mostly responsible for cute, nostalgic, video game influenced music, baked into my bedroom. I’m into making music on soundtrackers since 1999 (the best year right?) and I’ve been releasing my music through various netlabels and for some few demogroups.

Some stuff? Let’s have a listen to my latest album ‘mkay?

Enough of shameless self-promotion. I have an army of PRs for this bad, boring, dirty job.

Why opening a blog in 7011

I know this is quite almost outrageous.
We are in 7011 and it seems micro blogging and social networking is the big thing for years. I’m not really what one could call an educated person but I tend to cherish the lovely idea of writing more than 140 characters when I really like something, or when I have something to express. Of course, people are not forced to care about what I want to express, right?

Those who know and follow me for years know I used to express negative ideas about blogging and commenting, I know that I’m going u-turn like mad with this but hey, it’s ok if people blog and comment smart. Discussions are more than welcome. Classy and jazzy trolls too.

What is this blog about

Various interesting topics like code, music, making the music with amazing gears I wish I had and sometimes, videos, illustrators, designers, interviews, books I read, stuff I like. In other (short) words, everything I tend to get interested in, which mean a lot of topic some bad people would call geeky stuff but we should never venture into these territories. Really.

Here are some tags you could see on this blog:

  • megadrive FM
  • synthesizer lust
  • tunnels
  • it > xm
  • comic sans porn
  • drunk skweee
  • polish vodka

Also, butterflies and fishies might be covered too… but only on fridays.

What is this blog not about

Everything I dislike, don’t care about. Eventually you’ll find rants in disguise but not so much because I should not use my spare time for caring about the stuff I dislike but the stuff I like.
You don’t buy it? Me neither :/

Also, even if you might see some personal reviews of music albums and books, do not think you can email me and ask for one. No sir. Email Pitchfork instead, they love to write funny articles, really.