Selling my yamaha dx200.


Yep, you heard it well, I’m selling my last FM synth.
It’s in great working condition, does the bleeps, no scars or whatever on the panel.

Comes with its – sexy, not – box and the power adapter, of course.
That all might cost you 270 euros. You heard me well.

Sorry for the 35mm pics, I don’t know where is our regular camera lens :)


boredom [ˈbɔːdəm]


the state of being bored; tedium

Signing off.

After more than ten years doing the same good old stuff, I finally decided to give it a break, relax, chill; In hope I finally find something I want to do.

It actually came to me after my friend sent me a new comic by theoatmeal.

It’s been some weeks I’m sitting in front of my gears, making some sounds, with actually no real need to record anything.
At some points, I think I’m blocked by the (not-even-proved-not-really-here) “kaneel style” and afraid of doing more simple stuff, or complete abstract stuff which happen to be actually played during these sessions… that I don’t record, because of “what’s been already said”.

I also strongly believe I have said enough with my latest album… it took me a while to finally ask to myself “what could I add after that ?“… “here is an other album because you’re expecting a new one ?”… no, really, no.

It’s time to go somewhere else, drop all judgements, make something different and it definitely needs (s/need/beg for) an alias change.

Of course, I’ll remain kaneel as “the (rather small) human behind his computer that has been chatting loud on the internet for over ten years and that some of you even know in real life”… I wouldn’t see how I could be able to get rid of that much past without losing some important mental health points (poke for all the guys who played Cthulhu paper RPG), and after all: I’m the president of the Internet.

In hope I don’t tell you big lies and I finally manage to live this second life as expected, thanks for the support.

This blog will keep living its own life as some kind of repository for everything I like and want to discuss about, probably maybe synths and music :)

Oh and, thank you for all the fish!



Many of you may have met me in real life.
Many of you may know that I’m not the silent kind.

Weirdly enough, I’ve been very silent… and I must release the whole plot.
I wanted to avoid having a normal blog like a good ol’ “livejournal” but in the end I feel so bad not posting anything that I prefer posting some random “état d’esprit” posts.

I’ve been running into grown-ups issues, mostly dealing with a wrong compatibility between real life and work life, actual work life and expected work life, expected life and the usual “expectations you shouldn’t have because you know life never really give you 100% of your expectations”.

I’ve been pretty silent indeed. I’ve had a panic attack during evoke2012 demoparty, while trying to sleep, in a hotel room. Lucky me, I had a friend in the same room… not that anything hard would have happen to me, still, lucky me.

Since this “event”, I’ve been trying to simply deny it happened. I’ve been trying to believe it will go by and in the end, had never happened.
I’m growing older.

Some people wait for being 40 years old before feeling it, I’m 30 and I feel fucking Le Old and yes, it’s and it’s going to be a long and hard year (that’s what she said…).

This post is just about telling you guys: I’m somehow, somewhat, somewhere, fine.
Things happen, I’m growing older and obviously, I’m fine or at least, on the road of the finer.

And someday, the tunes will come back.

Meanwhile, thanks to my friends for being close to me, even when not physically close to me, supporting me and cheering the old stupid that I am.


The mess is less messy


You probably remember last week’s post about the fact all my stuff was not so well adjusted. In fact, I finally bought some more cables and a midi interface so I can use all my synthesizers at once, for full effect.

And yes, a Strong Suffolk bottle sneaked right behind the synthesizers.

Now, sorry but BRB, GOING TO LE MOON!

Actual mess is actual

I’m looking for a solution for being able to use efficiently my little toys.
So far, the problem I have is obviously that the Novation Supernova is way too low.

So I’m thinking about putting the Supernova where the microKorg is and then put the microKorg on top of it.

Or I just try to build a sliding shelves for the microKorg, put the Supernova on top of the desk and both the kawai k1m and the dx200 where the Supernova is actually located.

OR ? Your thoughts are welcome. 

Anyway, that’s one of my main “issues”, I also have to deal with my midi patching as well. SO far, every synths can be connected from the soundcard output via the thru outputs of my synthesizers. But what do I do with the output of every synthesizers if I want to record the CCs ?

So now, I’m looking for a midi box? a midi splitter? a midi merger? Gnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ps: yes, I know, a key of the microKorg is broken. Thank you :)

Mission: Supernova; Status: Accomplished.

So it’s been a month or more I sold a yamaha dx7mkII and I didn’t know what to buy… especially after a friend lent me his nord rack 2X.
Thanks to my friends Jules, on the behalf of my friend James, I decided I should hunt for a Novation Supernova.

I finally got my hands on one for like… 300 euros, which is even a bit less than what I sold my dx7mkII for, mission accomplished.

Here is the first snippet I recorded after few hours learning the machine with the well-known “trials and errors” process.

By the way, don’t consider this as a “track” or whatever (you fools! ;).
This upload is like running naked in a corridor saying “I GOT A NEW TOY I GOT A NEW TOY LOOK AT ME I GOT A NEW TOY”.

ps: also, yes I know, no new WIP for a while, been there, done that, will try to post someday… I’m busy but fine now, thank you for asking.


Our fresh parsley state

It's a parsley coat of arm... really

Parsley State, a new javascript canvas 2d context demo by ps, kaneel and antti, courtesy of the planet of the leather moomins.

 Our new state

Hear hear ladies and gentlemen, we ain’t no haters, we are the new state of fresh attitude, praising the use of parsley, for a fresh breath and the drink of good hoppery hop.
Fresh breath is indeed vital against haters, because haters stinks, it’s a well-known fact in our fresh parsley state.


So yes, in a few words, demoJS happened again and, with the help of a baby-sitter, I managed to attend the first night.

Ps of TPOLM, a fellow demoscener I know for 10 years or so decided to drop by, to release an important message to the french javascript scene: EAT MORE PARSLEY. And he needed help, oh yeah, he did. And kaneel gave him help, yes he did. And antti joined us to complete the picture of the three presidents of TPOLM who went to create a new state on the planet of the leather moomins, a state of fresh breath, a fresh state of parsley.

So we drank good beers, we took my daughter for a walk to the park, we had some nice talks with some other sceners, and you know what, Ps even wrote a report/making-of the demo article!
You can read it during your lunch break, it’s not soooooo long: Making of the Parsley State on the Herring™

Now, some of my own words about demoJS.

It’s always a pleasure to meet some fellow demosceners. Those from the scene know about it, that’s quite a thing.

You may not know about it so I’m going to tell you one simple fact: demoJS is not a full demoscene experience YET. It’s a mix of the demoscene and the javascript scene from paris… and well, it’s not the same.
Plus, it’s organized in a school that is lcoated in a private _VERY QUIET_ street and the neighbors seem to pay a damn lot for keeping it quiet.

If you’re a foreign scener, you already know a demoparty is a hell of a loud place.
If you’re a foreign scener, you already know a demoparty is filled with drunk sceners.

Well, demoJS is still not at this point of maturity, it’s quiet and there’s no drunk sceners. Of course, you still could argue it’s a french demoparty AKA a french coding party but damn there’s nothing worst than being in the mood for some MFX-1995 sing-along and be – not even so kindly – asked to keep it quiet because of the neighbors.

But don’t hate dear citizens of the parsley state because they are coming close to the right target and I’m pretty sure next year will be awesome. Indeed, some foreign sceners have been spotted so it’s now officially a demoscene event, they just need to have it host elsewhere. In hope they find the right place in Paris.

More cowbells

And if you’re a soundcloud addict, I uploaded a longer version of the soundtrack used, because I had to trim the soundtrack for optimisation purposes.

ps: yes, that’s ahx.

What you hear

Is what you deserve… a third time.

I have some evil big plans for both “Low” and “What you hear is what you deserve“, I wonder what people would think if I was eventually kickstarting/pledging a double EP on vinyl project.
Understand/Read me well, I’m bad with my hands, I’m not a craft persons but  there are people who actually are gifted for doing craftworks and they are very good at doing some cool stuff for musicians too and I’m just starting to wonder if I could pledge some bucks so I can finally manage to autoproduce some cool objects because I know that, in the www, there are people who would fancy a kaneel physical release.

Basically, I just need to know if it’s an idea I can keep in my head or if I should STFU AND GTFO (or show my…). I guess the best for you is to comment and show your appreciation (of the track AND the pledging idea). I’m open to your thought, after all, you might be a future pledger.

By the way, big big thanks to these people:

  • Pierre-Adrien for lending his Nord Rack 2X. Amazing machine with a deep, pure, sound. That’s how I appreciate virtual analog.
  • Asako of WindyHillMill and Cloudberry for lending me her SH101 and her Motu Ultralite
  • My local beer seller. Because he offered me a nice glass (yes, everything is linked)


ps: no, I won’t provide nekkid picture of myself for every pledgers.

Bybye DX7 (mkII, I insist)

Yes, I own a beautiful dx7 mkII.
And yes, I’m going to sell it, so yes, it could be yours!

Why ?

Because it takes a lot of spaces. Way too much for parisian appartments.

But whyyyy naoooo?

Because I had to stop procrastinating and repair some broken keys.
And I just finished repairing them, it wasn’t that hard actually.
It’s working cool, I’ve taken some pictures, I’ve recorded some sounds. I’m going to reset the presets tomorrow night and you, guys, are going to buy it for 350 euros only.

350 euros? But it’s only a dx7, there are a bunch of them at the local dump!

May I insist again it’s a dx7 mkII-D and not a simple dx7.
Which mean it has quite some cool features like: two voice multi-timbral capability, micro-tuning
Also, they removed one issue from the previous edition: THE WIND OF SIBERIA; yes, it doesn’t breath like an asthmatic synthesizer, it’s all soft and nice, for your pleasure only.

What ? 350 euros? This beauty? NOOOWAY.

(also, it could motivate some europeans living close to France)

It must not work, it can’t be working, you’re a left-handed redhead french guy, you can’t fix things!


Your normal FM bells:

Some “live playing” with the synth, starting with a very basic sine:

Some obscure pad example:

Some unison + Breath controller + sliders mod + swapping algos

And what else to be added?

  • One cartridge (oh I didn’t mention that? It allows cartridges for expansions ;)
  • Vintage brownish flycase of Le Awesome.
  • Sustain pedal.
  • BC1 (its been a bit, let say, treated roughly but it works). README: I still dunno how it will work to send it you, it would probably need two packages. Seems it works ,)
  • Le vintage manual, sexier than PDFs
  • 2 extra replacement keys (G and A), because two keys were not broken, just misplaced.

If you’re not in france and want to consider this beauty and have friends in Paris, they can come at my place to try it.


Comment on this thread with your real email™

The way you low me

is the way I low you.

A picture of a big lock I have to get cut

This lock became way too ironic. I really should have it properly cut...


(yes, indeed, it appears I could have an other minimal music ep project running aside my already teased “what you hear is what you deserve”)

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